Aaron McDaniel

Mother, Life Coach, and Nurse in Athens, Georgia

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Hello there, my name is Aaron. I like to travel and see new places. I love being somewhere I have never been before, and getting to enjoy the weather, terrain, or people for the first time. The picture above was taken the summer before I began attending the University of Georgia, and is of me on a kayaking excursion in some state park in Florida that I had never been to and will probably never go to again. While I don't remember the name of the state park, I do remember all of the beautiful scenery, stunning plant life, and the cuddly sea creatures that I stumbled upon that midsummer day. I also remember the sunburn that I got on my face and shoulders, along with being sore the next day from all of the paddling I did. Even with the peeling skin and strained arm movements that I endured soon after, that trip was still a breathtaking experience that only reinforces my desire to try new things and be adventurous. While many UGA students before me have found that that same attitude is their downfall, my cavalier attitude, near lack of stupidity, and strong sense of self preservation has not betrayed me yet. Pending any unforeseen accidents in my future, I plan to continue travelling to new places and doing new things for most of my life.

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