Aaron McGrath

With over 20 years’ experience operating in fast-paced, always demanding and ever-changing environments; I’m a clear and fast thinker, with a highly pragmatic approach to leadership that is founded on an ability to remain calm and consistent under pressure.

Highly analytical, I am recognised for being able to identify and analyse complex organisational problems, quickly getting to the root cause of issues in order to formulate effective solutions. Most clearly demonstrated by my role in delivering a total organisational transformation for Sonaisali Group, I’m motivated by two things: improving customer experience, and adding value to all facets of operations.

Most importantly, I understand with depth the challenges facing the international hotel industry at present, and have made it my mission for the last 20 years to develop and execute strategies that pre-empt and overcome obstacles, building an internationally recognised, luxury branded independent hotel group propelled by sustainable and profitable operations.

Passionate about training and development, I’ve worked hard to create a company culture that rests on a foundation of customer-centricity and operational excellence, and am focused on closing skills gaps in order to ensure that people are set up for success, at all times. Results-oriented, I constantly stretch staff to seek out better ways of doing things, openly embracing and promoting innovation in order to achieve business goals.

Currently residing in Australia, I’m interested in connecting with the international business community, and would be keen to connect to discuss business opportunities or potential consulting assignments. Please feel free to contact me via email, or connect via LinkedIn.