Aaron Fisher

Omaha, NE

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Hello I am Aaron Fisher. I enjoy life in general, and Jesus Christ my saviour. Music is a big plus in my life, without it, it would be a pretty boreing existance. I had visions for about ten years of the demonic haunting me. I had these visions since elementry school, but never the demonic until I reached the age of 18. I will tell you how it happened. I was watching television, and noticed a false prophet say the devil could be saved. This stuck with me through the years and as I grew up, I decided that I wanted to do something about it. So I got on the bathroom floor and spoke directly to the devil telling him to come home. I did this on many occasions, until I opened a gateway to evil. This is the truth, I swear it. The doctors ike to call it something else, but I know the truth when it's RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. But now that I sacrificed drinking to the Lord, I have been at peace and nothing demonic has been hapening. Through seeing these visions, I have also seen the angelic, and heavenly. Beyond words how good that place truly is. It's beyone admireable. If you wanna get deeper email me.

So now i'm a solo artist looking for exposure. I will be descovered I believe, most likely with my music, not with my lyrics, but backup vocals dosn't sound bad. I'll leave my website up so you can check it out.

Now I live with my family, consisting of my mother, father, brother, two cats, two dogs, two geckos. It is a great time relaxing with them and writing songs, listening to music. I feel great, I hope you do as well. I wish you the best. Peace out!

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