Aaron Stephens

Web Developer, Consultant, and Designer in Denver, Colorado

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Gosh, how would I describe me? I'm just me, but I think others have some choice adjectives to describe me differently. I'm fun, funny, witty, smart, athletic, academic, healthy, a dancer, a writer, a video game player, a skiier, a comedian, a partier, the designated driver, the teacher, the mentor, the good friend, and the photographer. I look at life with a different set of eyes, always looking for the good for everyone, with my goal to touch someone's life for the better and they will never be the same. Don't believe me? If you really know me, then you know I am someone you will never forget. I have a charming smile that can melt your heart, a heart of gold that is priceless, and a loving personality that you can't help but like. And even though the world created an exact duplicate of me, we are so alike but nothing of the same. If there was one word that best described me (as my best friend once said) it would be UNFORGETTABLE. TWITTER: @aaronmstephens Blogs: http://AaronsAfterThoughts.com iPhone: 39.884682,-104.943466 One in a billion! Technology enthusiast, educator, movie buff, adventurer

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  • Work
    • OpusDeorum.com
  • Education
    • Kearney Senior High School
    • University of Nebraska at Kearney
    • DeVry University