Aaron Osborne


I have more than 10 years professional experience in web and graphic design. I've seen quite a bit of what the field has to offer and it just makes me hungrier.

Currently, I am coming up on the last couple of quarters of classes before I complete my master's program through the University of Denver. I have chosen to work as a freelance developer and designer while I do this but I am still friendly with and do work for my previous employer and other businesses that are their teaming partners.

Previously, I wore many hats in my position at a Colorado based technical and professional services firm (read engineers, program/project managers, and subject matter experts). My day was full of scouting opportunities, building infographics and proposals, website updates, SharePoint/Business Portal design/updates, CRM design/implementation/updates, and minor IT questions. We bid on $150,000 to multi-million dollar/multi-year contracts.

Stress and I are acquainted, and have an understanding.

I am a job collector. If there is something new for me to learn from a work situation, I have a hard time saying no to the extra duties. I've been so busy for the last couple of years, my personal online portfolio has been neglected. I suppose I should do something about that. (Personal site is down. Had to switch hosting plans on short notice)

My weekends are full of my wife, daughters, good food, good drink, and the great outdoors. I love to take things apart to see how they work and later tinker as I put those same things back together.

  • Work
    • Action Publishing
  • Education
    • BA, FPA, Graphic Design, Colorado Mesa University
    • MAS, ICT, Web Design & Develpoment