Aaron Owens

Hi. My name is Aaron Owens. I currently live in Arizona but I am originally from Detroit (aka Motown/Motor City)

I have quite a few interest but recently I have been focusing a lot on health. I have spent the last few months reading a lot of health related books including the China Study, Wheat Belly, and a few of David Wolfe's books. Aside from that I also like to travel. I've been to a few countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. My favorite place to visit is Brazil. I love the beaches, culture, people, and the Portuguese language. Would love to visit Asia next.

I have worked in several different fields over the last decade. I have worked as a cook, baker, property inspector, and insurance agent. Currently I am trying to go into the IT field. I have always been a tech nerd so it feels like a natural field for me to be in.

Future goals include learning a third language (not sure which one yet), changing careers into the IT field, and of course more traveling.