Aaron Phimister


Hey i am Aaron Phimister i am 19 years of age and im a crazy person. i currently study at Southampton Solent University on the Media Culture & Production course, 1st year and i am looking to get a job in Radio or Film.

i love creating videos mainly of the horror genre but i am open minded about others, i used to have a gaming channel on youtube which i gave up on and now i feel the need to get back into video making (sometime soon when not busy) and get my name out there somehow by not being a slag :)

I am hoping University would give me the opportunity to get the knowledge i need in the industry for future purposes in life and i am keen to make new friends and get involved in their interests :)

My Hobbies include.

Drinking/ to a major extreme i don't go out to have a few i get messy

Sleeping/ need to sleep or i become a very anti-social shit

Being myself

Funny thing about myself is i have one eye and my other eye is fake so im basically a pirate since i love stripey tops all i need is the fake hand and im sorted

  • Education
    • Epping Forest College
    • Wanstead High School
    • Snaresbrook Primary School