Aaron Pitman

Mason, Ohio

Well, what can I say? I'm a crazy kid who believes absolutely anything is possible in life, and the world is simply my playground where I create freedom, joy, abundance, and prosperity for myself and all those who I come in contact with. I've had the good fortune of knowing just how powerful our 'Intentions' and 'Abilities' can be. When I stumbled into Network Marketing as an 18 year old punk, something in my guts just knew I could do it. However, I failed for the first year and experienced what it felt like to work, struggle, and endure constant challenges, obstacles, and set backs.

I was raised in an average family and grew up with the family traditions of "go to school", "get good grades" and "have a Masters Degree that will lead into the corporate world". I saw how my father enrolled in that plan and struggled to climb the corporate ladder. I watched my parents work more for the company themselves, than the actual owner. I dreamed of a successful life, but based on my path at the time that lifestyle seemed far from a reality. Having to adjust my dreams to meet my current situation caused me to be very unhappy and frustrated with pursuing a career I was not passionate about.

One day, I ran into a group of people who taught me the basics of being an entrepreneur. This group quickly became my closest friends, and through them I found not only amazing opportunities but also a way out. Something inside of me said..."This is it!" I jumped on board right then and there and never looked back.

After years of hard work, I am thrilled to tell you that I have the lifestyle of an entrepreneur that I always dreamed of. In a time where the next big trends and wealth cycles are coming full circle, there is no way I can lose. I am a huge believer that this is the easiest time on the planet to make millions of dollars. I was very fortunate to have run into the right group of people and mentors that had the patience to coach, train, and share with me life experiences and knowledge.

I believe being an Entrepreneur is the new world standard. I was able to transform from a timid and dorky boy into a confident, business savvy young man. I am constantly learning and helping others to grow their businesses, applauding their achievements, and lifting others up to success. I recommend you join us on this journey and I wish you the best of luck!