Aaron Rosenthal

Buongiorno! The name's Aaron, or Moustache as some call me. I live in the most awesome metropolis in the world- New York City- it's where I sleep, eat, play, and work. On the other side of the hemisphere is my hometown Melbourne, Australia; the second most awesome city in the world. It's a bias… or is it…

Professionally and personally Technology is my game, especially those technologies we use to communicate. I'm a passionate advocate for Open Source which I believe will dominate the telecom industry in the near future. It's an exciting time and I'm pumped to be part of it.

Currently I'm the API Product Manager at Phone.com. We're all very excited to see where this API market is heading so I'll keep you posted. But in a world where all web and mobile apps should be voice and text enabled; big changes they will come!

I studied Cinema at Denison University then proceeded to do nothing with it. I think that's normal. I did though plan lots of large events and concerts, ran a kick ass radio show for 3 years, raised a ton of money, was class Co-Governor for 4 years, ran the film society, did too much free graphic design work, and too many other things.

I'm a self proclaimed entrepreneur and spare no mental expense towards devising great (or not so great) business & technology ideas at all times of the day.

From here feel free to explore/stalker me over at my other social pages below...