Devin 🌼

Hi!! my name is devin, i am 14 and i am going into my freshman year. I am an aries (my birthday is april 7th) and i am an atheist. I go by he/they pronouns and i am a demiromantic asexual.I also live in MichiganMy personality type is infp I am very sensitive and emotional and I tend to complain a lot(And I will unfollow you if you post depressing/negative things all the time. I am trying to recover from severe depression and i dont need that in my life)Kins:100% me (do not follow)Sapphire (steven universe)Genocider (Danganronpa)Primary: (dm to follow)Jake English (Homestuck)John Egbert (Homestuck)Secondary: (feel free to follow)Stan Marsh (sp)Kotori Minami (Love live!)Fritz Smith (FNAF)Tag list:Karkat (hs)any of the striders (hs)!!Please do not follow if:!!-You are homophobic, sexist, racist, and/ or transphobic-You are going to attack me if I post something you dislike (i wont be mad if you unfollow bc u dont like my opinion)-You are anti-kin-If you are gonna be rude -You make rape jokes -You wont tag your triggers -If you think rape is ok/ happens for a reason-If you support Carter Reynolds, Rob Lowe, VeeOneEye, Dylan the Fishy, Dahvie Vanity, Any band member in Falling in Reverse-If you are gonna hate follow(PLEASE PLEASE TAG SELF-HARM MENTIONS AND PICTURES)(Also tell me ur triggers so i can tag them!)If you are curious of why i blocked/unblocked you, ask why and i will tell u.

Dont be afraid to talk to me! I am nicer than I seem and I am open to making new friends. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or if you would like to know any of my other social media usernames :-)and yea! thats about itAND IT WOULD REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD DM ME BEFORE YOU FOLLOW TY!!