Aaron Schliem

Aaron has led Glyph Language Services since its inception in 2001. His greatest skill is working with clients to develop innovative language-infused strategies to make products and services more attractive and accessible to global markets. With a deep understanding of software development platforms and cycles, Aaron guides young companies toward standardization and efficient best practices while helping established software giants redesign what has become inadequate in their entrenched paradigms. Glyph specializes in Loc 3.0. In other words, Glyph offers localization services for games, mobile applications, social media and dynamic web content. Glyph also offers linguistic consulting services in support of machine translation training & post-editing, kill lists creation and geopolitical strategy initiatives. Showing industry leadership, Glyph is at the cutting edge of emergent localization requirements. * Cross-platform mobile application localization * Mobile web localization & testing * Social & casual game localization * Agile content localization in support of social media & games * MT post-editing innovation * Multilingual text input system development * Fast turnaround news localization * Truly local marketing localization