Aaron Smith

1) I have a beautiful wife and 2 young boys who I have an awesome time with.

2) I am a fun aussie bloke who works in the as an SEO Consultant in Sydney - I have a website and I creatively named it aaron seo - go have a look, it's awesome.

3) I used surf, but no longer do, I could say it's because I haven't got time, but it's really because I'm lazy. ;-). I also used to skateboard until I broke my arm in two places.

4) I like using hp laptops, and I hate using acer laptops, they are hellishly slow (at least last time I used it was).

5) I am from Sydney, Australia and proud of it.

6) I go through obsessions with certain foods - my last was Guzman Y Gomez burritos - but luckily my workplace has since moved away from Guzman...

7) I have put a lot of thought into becoming a Buddhist - but I really don't have the commitment and time that believe is required to truly understand buddhism and integrate it into my life, I'm quite certain I am wrong about that, but until I prove myself wrong suppose it's capitalism all the way;-)