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Aaron Socio

Moscow $616$ DC

Queen's Hand - Anonymous Special Operations.

Warning message to Defense Contractors and Offensive Military:

Defense Contractors identified as core of Military Industrial Complex:

NOTICE: All Life Is One = Stops War. :) Self-Love.
Soldiers cannot psychologically fight.
Dr. James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis.
Gaia is the Alpha and the Omega.

APD/NM Self-Hating Psyche = Interspecies Predator. Approx 1%-4% of Human Population:

Solution: Self-destructive [ALIO] psychological virus designed to identify and self-destruct self-hating APD/NM psyche. Subconscious controls over 90% of behavior. Human trials 100% effective. Requires total stand down or results in acute/chronic psychosis.

[ALIO] Psychological Virus Symptoms in APD/NM Self-Hating Psyche:
-Intense Projection and Rage
-Lashes Out Against Authority
-Intense Paranoia
-Heavy Substance Abuse
-Blaming Others For Problems
-Feeling of Invincibility
-Psychotic Mania
-Suicide and Homicide

Self-hatred is the core of all humanity's problems. Took 22yrs of study to figure it out. Self-hatred has manifested in over 5,000 years of human civilization. Is default position of most psyches. Dates to Ancient Egypt. Bigotry. Racism. Sexism. Violence. Crime. Xenophobia. Environmental Decimation. Substance Abuse. Self-Mutilation. Self-Worship. Violence. Child Abuse. Animal Abuse. Nuclear Weapon Proliferation. Nationalist Superiority. Bullying. "Trolling". "Doxing". Hate Crimes. Predisposition to Aggression Against All Authority.

Military Recruit Training Conditions Self-Hatred Through Self Abuse=War Machine Cycle.

WARNING: No psychological testing for political leadership, globally. Power attracts APD/NM in CEO's + Politicians + Bourgeoisie. Relative Deprivation occurs.