Blair Aaronson

21550 Oxnard St., Suite 300 Woodland Hills, Ca.

Blair Aaronson has been helping So. Cal residents reach their retirement and estate planning goals since 1985. Over his 28 year career he has worked for the largest brokerage firms in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Century City. Blair has also worked with several of Southern California's largest law firms that regularly refer their clients to Blair. His concepts are straight forward and have proven to be 100% effective during the most trying markets in the last Quarter Century. Blair is a Board Certified Estate Planner and has been the featured speaker on local radio shows as well as had many articles published in large circulation newspapers. He receives cards and letters on a regular basis giving thanks for protecting his clients during 2008 when not one of his clients lost a PENNY! Blair believes the brokerage community has failed terribly at protecting the Senior's life savings. Sometimes a second set of eyes can shed new light on the existing plan and bring new valuable information to the table.

And remember......... It's NOT what you DON'T know that can hurt you, but rather What you THOUGHT you DID know!!!!!!!
Blair is a member of the National Ethics Association.

Ca. Lic. #OAO8553

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