Aaron Stephenson

Musician in United Kingdom

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I'm a musician/guitarist. I'm self taught and started young, taking it more seriously when I was about 16 at which time I was living in Greece. My main influence is Dominic Miller, but other Musicians influence me too, most notably but not exclusively, Sting. I have other interests too: psychology, weird abstract designs, trains, meteorology, science, photography, long distance walking, cycling and anything geeky really. I have done various jobs from cleaning public toilets, retail stores and gyms to washing dishes. I'm not exactly a people person. I prefer to be sober and I always think twice. I'm British, originally Liverpool but have lived in other areas including Bradford and ten years in Greece which is where my father is from. My mother is from down the south east UK. I'm also bilingual, English and Greek. Nough said. A little bit now about "the tinkerbell effect"The Tinkerbell Effect is when something exists because you believe in it. Search vsauce the tinkerbell effect.