Aaron Stone

Hey, my name's Aaron Stone. I'm a novice hacker and am currently freelancing. I do web design. I design static websites (including JavaScript). I work for free if you take care of the hosting, and I charge ONLY the hosting fee if I handle the hosting. Under special conditions, I handle the hosting also and work for free, but the host will be a free host (slow) and the domain name will be taken appropriately from www.co.cc (free domain names). Besides coding, I love singing; playing table tennis, football and basket ball and talking about random topics with my colleagues. To contact me, you can email me from here, or by emailing your email to aaronstonedd[at]gmail.com . Please don't send me any spam or anything like that, because if you do, then I won't be able to answer others, and that's bad for the world as a whole (excluding me). I think the United Nations is a good organization although I feel it is controlled by their major 'patrons', the USA, Japan, China. I have also picked up basic French, so French customers, if there, are welcome. I also hate Facebook because I think it's a waste of time. I also believe no-one completely knows how to use Facebook., since there are SO many things to do on Facebook, it's completely cluttered, and I seriously don't KNOW how to USE Facebook, and it's purpose and design. Also, I think Twitter isn't that bad, but has privacy concerns. Actually, most social networking sites have privacy concerns, since it's practically impossible to know how information can be extracted from your 'FB' profile. It could also be used to crack (not hack) into your email/bank account, and that's dangerous. The passwords most people keep are often a combination of these, and crackers ARE smart enough to guess these. This was proven when a novice cracker cracked into the account of a popular political figure, right before the elections! And that's not impossible, in fact, as I said before, it has already happened. So, I think you've gotten to know me well now, I'm accepting all kinds of queries (non-spammy). I'd be happy to assist you. Thank you for reading this so patiently; I really appreciate it.