Aaron Foley

I'm currently a Software Tester for Solana in Toledo, Oh. I am 30 and married to Ginger Foley, and we have a two year old daughter named Molly. We are also expecting a boy in April of 2011. I'm originally from Illinois. I lived in the St. Louis area (Illinois side) up until I was 12. Then I moved in with my father and moved to Creve Coeur, IL (which is outside of Peoria, IL). After high school I worked as a Web Designer for about a year and then decided to join the Navy to get money for college. I ended up being a nuclear electrician, and a Farsi linguist. Once I got out I pursued college and got my degree in Computer Science. While I was in college I met my wife in Everquest II, and eventually got a job in Toledo, OH working at a steel mill as an electrician. So we moved to Toledo, got married, and after two years we were expecting. So after Molly was born, I wanted to get into the software industry, so I left my electrician job and became a Software Tester. I've always had a passion for video games, and in fact due to this passion is how I learned to program. Trying to recreate my favorite Nintendo games on my Color Computer 2 when I was a kid I started to learn the basics. Over time I kept at it, and learned quite a lot. Now I am working on a couple of games, and tools for the XNA Community for Xbox 360. Current Projects - Vacant Skies - (Xbox 360 Indie Game) - Elysium Evolve - (In design) - Transmute - (Editor suite for games on Xbox 360)