Aaron Umen

Tennis Player in Cleveland, OH

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Aaron Umen is an avid tennis player. The athlete currently represents and plays for Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio. Outside of his athletic pursuits, Umen is also a dedicated volunteer. For years, he has assisted the Food Recovery Network and World Bird Sanctuary.

Tennis Coach & Counselor

During the summer of 2019, Aaron Umen worked as a Tennis Coach at an athletic club. Through this role, Umen ran tennis clinics on weekdays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. The program was organized by player ability levels, with separate clinics run for advanced, intermediate and beginner level players. During the afternoons, Umen assisted with the children’s tennis camp. He also facilitated one-on-one individual lessons and instruction to players in need of extra training.

Volunteer Work

Since 2016, Aaron Umen has served as a Lower Site Volunteer at World Bird Sanctuary. Umen currently has over 200 volunteer hours logged with the organization. Over the years, he has assisted in building, maintenance and cleaning of habitats designed to specifically house birds of prey. As Lower Site Volunteer, Umen largely works with the Head Groundskeeper to sustain the grounds.

Aaron Umen has also volunteered extensively with the Food Recovery Network in Ohio since 2018. With over 100 volunteered hours logged, Umen has helped to deliver and repurpose over 300 pounds of food that would have otherwise been wasted. This initiative has proven exceptionally eye-opening for Umen. The experience continues to instill within him a deep consideration for resourcefulness and world hunger. Local in approach, Food Recovery Network delivers and serves uneaten food from Case Western dining halls to be repurposed at local soup kitchens. St. Augustine Church and Hunger Center and St. Matthews United Methodist Church are among the initiative’s primary partners.