Aaron Wagner

Writer, Social Media Manager, and Editor in Kalamazoo, Michigan

* A trusted ghostwriter with work that's been in forbes.com, entrepreneur.com, inc.com, MarketingLand.com, and others.

* A premium content writer with topics including entrepreneurship, marketing, blockchain, humanism and others

* An exacting technical writer experienced in use-and-care guides and training materials for world-renown appliance brands.

* A social-media enthusiast with a passion for developing deeper, more meaningful customer relationships


I’m driven and inspired by humanism. In fact, I go so far as to say that humanism is the key to business and life.

Humanism is a life-stance that places prime value on human beings. It therefore embraces innovation, science and technology to promote the wellbeing of humanity.


Businesses that care about people are highly innovative and have the most loyal customers.

Although the futurist organization TrendWatching doesn’t call itself a humanistic company, I think their concept of Truthful Consumerism (http://trendwatching.com/quarterly/2017-03/truthful-consumerism-explained/) perfectly sums up the goals and traits of a humanistic company:

* Transparency
* Aspiration
* Positive Impact
* Tolerance
* Empowerment

Every business and business leader should strive to contribute to the well-being of humanity. Why? Because genuinely caring for others leads to:

* A better world
* A more likable brand
* Consumer loyalty
* Creativity and innovation
* More sales, competitiveness and robust profits

So strive for empathy and innovation at your company. Love your employees and genuinely care about your customers.

If your company is one of those inspiring places that expends time and energy giving back, I want to work with you. Or, if you want to become a well-being brand that's known and loved for helping the world around you, I'd love to help you reach that goal.