Aaron Westbrook

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Ever since I was a kid I have had a strong desire to own my own business and become an entrepreneur. When I was a student in high school I collaborated with my best friends to form a record label and registered my very first business at age 13! I had two registered businesses while in high school and a clothing line in the works; not to mention a side hustle selling wholesale clothes from my trunk!

I made the decision to follow my dreams of owning a clothing line when I was a freshman in the dorms of Northern Illinois University in 2007. Although I had failed attempts of owning a clothing company as a student in high school; I used my experiences from then to enhance and minimize my challenges of today. While in the process of obtaining my degree, I was making progress to pursue my dreams of who I wanted to be. I was able to collaborate with so many individuals and campus organizations while I was a student, and truly believe the support they showed has helped keep my motivation alive. Utilize those around you on your journey to making your dreams a reality!

Since establishing aA,the clothing line has seen steady growth and has continued to mature and stay relevant to the changing trends without losing its identity. With sales in over 7 countries and a majority of the mainland USA, features in a dozen newspapers, magazines, and online blog sites, including continuous exposure in the Chicago fashion/modeling circuit I have been able to grow what once was a dream into a profitable business.

I have made it a constant effort to give back to my community through volunteer work. I annually speak to and encourage middle school and high school students in and throughout the Chicagoland area. In 2011 I was recognized as a “Phenomenal Man of the Year” for my contributions in my community. The next step is for me to live up to that title on an international scale.

Though much more progress is still yet to be made, aA has continued to weather the storm of a saturated market, and has maintained persistence in establishing the Aaron Andrews brand. The story is still being written and I encourage all to write their own ticket. Follow your dreams and aspirations, and stay humble in the process.

StaAy Focused,

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