Aaron J Wisti

Writer in Omaha, Nebraska

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Life's obstacles are meant to provide an educational experience for yourself and those around you, some which you may never meet.

Sitting at a desk as a writer is well enough for some, and I've learned there is so much more out there waiting to be experienced.

I have been diagnosed with a series of mental health conditions (ranging from mood disorders to attention span issues), and have come to the realization that there is only one genuine disability for people to overcome while they are still alive, which is twofold - inadequate education, and inability to adapt in order to overcome various obstacles in life. It seems to me that most doctors will never quite understand individual human quirks, and instead, will try to medicate us into compliance and something resembling their idea of normal.

I was enrolled at an online college to study the nuts and bolts of website design. I am not interested in sitting still for very long, as this life is meant to be lived - not casually observed from some dark corner of isolation.

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