Aarti International


Aarti International Basmati Rice Company is committed to providing the best-quality products to the customers. White Basmati Rice 100% Grade A/B and Parboiled Rice 100% are our main products. Moreover, we can supply almost every kind of Basmati Rice according to customer requirements. Currently, we export our product worldwide.

Aarti International has contributed significantly in giving Basmati Rice a high level of acceptability across the world. Today, Aarti is synonymous with high quality Basmati Rice. We are one of the largest exporters of Pure Basmati Rice. Our range of products include “All Types of Basmati Rice, Pulses, Dry fruits, Scientific, Laboratory, Medical Surgical Soil and Testing Equipments etc.”. Needless to mention that our customers are delighted with the quality of our products.