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I have grown up loving the art of writing... first, writing my personal diaries, then contributing to the college magazines and much later on my job. Writing was a responsibility and part of my work profile when I was working in Corporate Communications. I liked it but one day, I decided that I want to write for myself.

Today, writing is a big part of me. I love every moment of it! So is talking with my friends!.I find something to share with my friends, from every experience of every day. Then, one day I decided to combine my love for words and conversations through my blog.

And here I am with "flying bubbles". I couldn't stop there, I have written and published my first book as an indie author.So now writing is what I do everyday and enjoy it thoroughly. I also love studying and am currently working on my doctorate.

There's more to me...

My husband gives meaning to my life and our purpose in life is to raise our little three year old girl to become a secure and confident woman.

If you like my writing style and think I can help. Please contact me:aarti.iyer@hotmail.com

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Welcome to flyingbubbles...

- Aarti Iyer