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Aashiq Ahamed

Small Business Owner, Artist, and Designer in Chennai, India

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A young Entrepreneur with a global vision to set up one of the biggest firm ( Gofar Corporate) which will represent India to the world Business.

I love business, i run my own company and will soon prove the world.

I love music, i do my own compositions and i give vocals too.

I love designs, i do design everything with my unique style and concepts.

I love Robotics, i do create robots and make it solve a problem.

I love Photography, i do part time Photography and i have a blog for it.

I love my religion, i do follow it with consistency.

I love my family & friends, i do enjoy with them and experience all.

I love my life, i do live it to the fullest with my own way.

  • Work
    • Gofar Corporate
  • Education
    • Anna University Chennai - Regional Office, Coimbatore