Aashish R

Aashish is a crazy badass who is keen on doing things which normal people do not wish to do .

He thinks different,acts different,does things differently.Well different in every way.

Full enthusiast in working with new technologies,exploring new things every day.Has a mind of a developer and a hacker.He has multiple-personality disorder .So if you gotta talk to him,ask him what he is right now and then start.

I am an indian who has brains of a alien :P.Normal people hate me.Very hard to find like minded people in this whole big round ball of a world .

Currently,he is working with PayPal as a techie building new technologies.

Even after reading all this , if you wish to kick his ass, do email him.

He has a passion for DJ music and plays during the weekdays in parties .Check him out on his soundcloud profile - https://soundcloud.com/aashish-part-freak-94