Aashish Raj

This is My First Thinking about myself which is share between you so please read carefully.I want to try everything even it is bad it's not matter but unlessly i want to try everything at once before making comments on it. I always want to try my best and think positive either or even i have lost everything. I never want to take credit in any good work done by me. Unlessly i believe in work done it doesnot matter how or by whom it is being done. I try to search for goodness in all things happen with me even bad or likely to be bad. I like Change ,even it is more realistic to say i like change everyday. I never want to construct or build baundries or limitation around us. Also Whatever I do what I like and as i know "No one can change me". I want to say something to everyone that if u don't do any thing and think then always think and do as Positive or likely Positive which became benefit to other. I want to tell you something interesting about me that i m very lazy because i feel that i want to do many things but i can't . Also i believe in others which give me cheat feeling. At last i try to say all above words are true by my heart but how i get successful is better decided by you. So please told me if i m bad or going to do something or something bad via call(If u have my contact number) or mail me at aashish.raj97@yahoo.com aashishraj97@rediffmail.com or aashishraj97@gmail.com