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Aashish Bharti

Doctor in Jalandhar, India

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Well, I am a Médico since 2008, when I opted for Medical the same year and thats when I focused on my carrier. I did not opt for this out of any pressure but because of self-intetest. I have a big dream regarding my carrier, which no doubt is gonna take a lot of effort and time, but yeah I have patience. I have learnt upto this, that when you decide to do something new, its better to start asap, otherwise it will make your habit to procrastinate, and it will suck you from inside. I am quite an adventure loving person, I like changes in my life, I like to try new stuff. There are some places in the world that i definitely wish to visit. I like to lead rather than following, I like to pave new paths instead of traversing the already paved. I am quite confident in what I do, but as my mom says, sometimes I am over-confident, which brings me down. And I beleive, and I have experienced, What kills you, makes you stronger !!!!!!!!