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Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley

In January of 2014, after watching a beloved family member at only 28 years old battle his 4th round of cancer and subsequently have his colon removed, I decided it was time to make some major health changes for myself and my family.

In an effort to lower my family’s risk for diseases and to have natural options in the event something should happen, I embarked on a journey of removing all chemically-laden, toxic substances from our environment. We cleaned up our diet and began to look at everything that went on, in, or near us that had potential health risks. After much research I dove into the world of essential oils and have never looked back. We have replaced our household cleaners, cosmetic products, OTC and prescription medicines, pet care products, baby care products, and more with all natural Young Living essential oils.

I love that we are keeping our bodies healthy and preventing future illnesses with a God-given plant, and they are so incredibly effective I am still blown away. I no longer have to fear illnesses (big or small), have no energy, or even worry about fine lines and wrinkles because I have effectively and quickly handled all of these and so much more in a matter of days using Young Living essential oils. I am so thankful for the path I have been placed on and would love to have you join me on this amazing journey to health and wellness!