Andrew Nguyen 

Software Engineer in San Diego, California

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Mobile, mobile, mobile. That’s all I can think about nowadays, specifically anything iOS related. Android is cool and all but there’s something about Apple and their products that have attracted me since the day I got my first iPhone.

Since my senior year of college, I have developed a passion for mobile development, and considering it is the future I decided to pursue a career in it. I learned how to make iOS apps in Objective-C, taught myself Swift, and launched an app, FitHero, onto the App Store with two other iOS developer friends of mine.

FitHero now has over 10,000 downloads, without an ounce of marketing. Check it out if you’d like, and let me know what you think:

After graduating with a computer science degree from the University of California Riverside, I have moved to San Diego where I am currently working as an iOS Software Engineer at Dexcom.

  • Work
    • Dexcom
  • Education
    • University of California, Riverside