Aastha Sharma

Atlanta Georgia

As a Kathak dancer, I can pivot my body continuously on one heel, taking hundred circles in one minute. What is even more fascinating, however, is how I taught Kathak to Mira, a six year old girl with a prosthetic leg, but a determination of gold. Connect with me and I’ll tell you the rest of that story!

I love people. Having lived and worked in four different countries – India, the United States, Switzerland, and China – I love learning about the world through people's experiences. With customers or friends, whether through observation or casual conversations – I am fascinated by their culture, their values and above all, their expectations.

I am energetic and full of life, known to spread my contagious smile. I possess a yin-yang of open-mindedness and assertiveness – my persuasive nature builds cohesiveness. I have the curiosity level of an infant with a thirst for knowledge. I learn quickly, but I pay close attention to details. I like to embrace new challenges – adapting naturally.

I was one of two candidates sponsored from the US for ABB’s Global Leadership Program. Today, I am proud of over 5 years of international work experience, handling multi-dimensional projects in Mergers and Acquisitions to Strategic Marketing to Product Management – gaining perceptive insights into the complexities of business in an international setting.

  • Education
    • Georgia Institute of Technology