Abolitionist Society of The Lakeshore

Writer, Director, and Father in Zeeland, Michigan

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The ABOLITIONIST SOCIETY OF THE LAKESHORE serving the Holland / Zeeland, and surrounding areas is a simple society of like- minded individuals who share a common goal, the full and immediate abolition of human abortion.

We welcome new members, but first we ask that you review the AHA website so that you understand what this movement is all about. www.abolishhumanabortion.org

We ask you too check out facebook public page, and also pray about joining. If you feel led by the Holy Spirit of become part of this movement to abolish abortion, then get involved today.

As Followers of Jesus Christ we are to stand firm against anything that sets its self against the knowledge of God, and violates his sacred commands, and abortion does just this. The Church must rise up and put an end to aboriton in this naiton!

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