Aatif Madini

Land of War

Born in a curfew, in a snowstorm. Heard bullets for Mozart and ran for my life not medals,I'm more than my name and few ALPHABETS,i am the memory that keeps u happy , i am the KASHMIRI on the WAR-PATH, i am the thoughts of a POET and word's of a REBEL, i am the PRISON wall that feel like a HURS , i am that GENOCIDE which was never reported, i am eyes of the ORPHANS nick name ***** , i am BLACK MAN listed by a group lex****** , i am the KID from GAZA, i am the AFGHAN who marry with WAR, i am the SON of KASHMIR who watched and get RAPED, i am the COMMANDER of my Face-Less ARMY talking truth about KASHMIR like "MUAMMAR GADDAFI" and i am the RICH MAN'S GREED and POOR MAN'S DREAM..My Blood On The Walls Will Strike Like A GRAFFITII I Am From The Worlds Most Militarized Zone.....All I Got Is My Courage And MY Mothers Blessing And Power Of Prayers Is Keeping Me Alive, Thats Why I Have Will To Survive.

The Worldly Comforts Are Not For Me, I Am Like A Traveler, Who Takes A Rest Under A Tree In The Shade And Then Goes On His Way..

That Will Keep remind You What The World I have..

"A life for Death, A war for Peace"