Lost my Dad (Appa) on October 12 2015 due to doctors negligence and malpractice. Guess a life means nothing anymore and therefore no body neither cares nor takes action against the culprits (the hospital or the doctors.) The brutal truth is that such cases do not happen in isolation, the numbers are alarming, especially in a country like India.

My Appa was an orphan who worked very hard all his life yet never held any grudges against life. He loved life and always stood up for the right and just things in life. Appa was taken to the hospital for shortness of breath and what I got back after 56 days was a body badly injured, starved, dehydrated and stuffed with cotton and blood. I will probably never know what happened to him behind those closed doors of ICU, where no relatives are allowed for more than 15 minutes twice a day under strict supervision of the medical staff who would not let you go near your patient, leave alone speak to them.

Unfortunately my Appa is not the only one who was treated that way, the numbers are adding up as I contact more people and research online. There is far more than this and in case you follow my blog you will read more about it in the days to come. It is an overwhelming feeling of grief for me and my family right now, I am trying to put together the details of my Appa’s 65 days of nightmare (of what ever I know, observed and felt) and will put it on the blog in the days to come. I am also making all the efforts to contact people who have suffered the same way but gave up their struggle for justice.

I would like to bring this to the attention of the global leaders and help save some valuable lives. Because when your loved one is snatched away from you its not just one death, it’s a family that dies that day.

Please share this blog and help it go viral. Please join me in this cause for human life and dignity.

“Don’t give up, there’s always another tomorrow.” ~Appa