Amanda Avelar

25 London Street

Amanda Avelar

25 London Street


My name is Amanda Avelar and I came up with Virtuaid when I found out just how amazing Virtual Assistants really can be. With the amazing flexible hours, working from home, and of course the satisfaction of helping others with their business I just knew pursing this job was perfect for me. I have been an Office Administrator for many years now working within a hospital. I am familiar with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. But just recently wanted somewhat of a change. Virtuaid was that change for me, where I was able to apply my skills to help other organizations within real estate.

Virtuaid is an amazing company that allowsVirtual Assistants to help make everyday at work that much easier!

Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are individuals that work from home to help you maintain, improve, and keep up to date with anything computer related to make your job easier. They specialize in numerous tasks such as, billing, organizing, promoting, and ensuring that your company is curent, up to date, and running smoothly.

Anything computer related? Dont worry its been taken care of! Let our Virtual Assistants aid you in making your business that much better!

Services We Provide:

Creating websites

Organizing/creating customer database

Invoice organization

Creating business cards

Creating flyers

Organizing appointments

Distribution of business cards & flyers

  • Education
    • Office Administration Diploma