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aawakusu ok

Student and Artist in Alabama

aawakusu ok

Student and Artist in Alabama

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I'm Chelsea and I'm 15 years old and my birthday is on Feb 5th and my hobbies are drawing or practicing animating

I like games such like Zelda series, Kingdom Hearts series, Animal Crossing series, Harvest Moon series, and Pokemon series

I also love anime like Drrr!!, Sailor moon, Nichijou, Yuyushiki, Yuru Yuri, Inuyasha, Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, and Madoka Magica also...

I like to draw as you can see and basically what I really love is Space (planets or galaxy/stars), books, music, and games of course

Art request is closed :/ sorry and Art trades are open because I might have art block most of the time so, dm me if you want to do one! Also if you wanna draw fanart of one of my ocs, check out #Callisto_ocs !!

Well, that's it I guess there isn't really special about me but also I'm inactive sometimes so, there's that

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