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addnan akber

LIFE IS A ONE BIG TEST & WE ARE IN THE WRONG CLASS ROOM I m not a player I m the game, contemplative and analytical by nature. When you look at me from your own sanctuary I may seem to be strange archeology but when the winds blow from this direction you may sense that I’m in your reflection. Left alone to inhale the souls of those I have craved all my life. People are all around me seem to be like a prolonged shadow. I do not feel their breath since I am blinded by my lust for happiness. My infidel thoughts drive me to extremes i have yet to explore. Staring into space I cry out for help - my hands are held tight & my arms are jerked to a hurtful hault. Lost in the wilderness, I search for answers which have no questions. Digging a grave six feet deep, I stand on the edge waiting for a nudge, in the hopes of being touched in a manner I earned - eternally.