Aayush Srivastava

New Delhi, India

There is a theory doing the rounds that the minute you will discover who i really am, i will metamorphosise into something even more intriguing. Philosophy- I am a man of logic who believes in pure reason, and does not believe in luck or co-incidence. What happens to me or what i make of myself is up to me. Attitude- I like to crack one-liners and always be optimistic about life. I like to THINK a lot and make strategies about work, love and life. But more importantly i love to be in the heat of the moment and do whatever i love with intensity and passion. Friends- I like to make friends who know what they want from life. Who are passionate about their dreams. Who have a good sense of humour and know how to enjoy life. Who haven't used the word 'boredom' in their lives.

  • Work
    • Intelligent Legal Risk Management & iPleaders
  • Education
    • National Law University, Delhi
    • indian school sur
    • DAV Public School