Aayush Bhatia


I am aayush, a 13 year boy who is interested in Computers , Internet and Technology, as an example i boot 11 OS from my pc, through i am having a slow PC ( with 1 ggb of ram ), i told you this because , even if you dont have proper resources dosent mean you should leave the work , and dont even try , if you really want to do something , you can , even if you dont have proper resources and whatever costs to you, coming to me , i really learn new things today , but i have main eye and interest on





Operating Systems ( mobile and pc )

Technology News ( Latest )

History ( Like that of computer and famous countries for eg , apple , ms etc.)

I hope that one day my site TechSpy will be so poular that everybody will want to visit it , and follow STEVE JOBS and want to be like him one day , he is the father of digital revolution and my inspiration.

  • Work
    • Nothing, Just a Student
  • Education
    • Dyal Singh Public School, Still studing