Aayusi Biswas

Student, Web Developer, and Writer in Jabalpur, India

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Howdy folks!

This is Aayusi!

I made the earth heavier on 12th April, 1999.Unpredictable is my middle name. I believe that my pen (or keyboard) has the power to voice my thoughts - effectively!! And that's the reason I indulge in writing - fiction, non - fiction, anything, everything!

I love to bring about changes! Changes that are good for the society, for you and for me! Computers and tech is something that fascinates me ( not like to other teens but more like to geeks) and I love fidgeting about them! Passion is the name I'd give computers (for me at least).

LIVE TO ENJOY! That's my motto! N I abide by it.... yes I do ;) !