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Aazam Irilian

My paintings are the visual memories from my surroundings, as well as from my cultural experiences and belief. I try to capture the impression of what I see and what I feel—painting the undercurrent and the core of what seems to be visible.

I start every painting in a stage of not knowing. In the process I explore unlimited options that are presented—uncovering images that need to surface. Sometimes a painting emerges quickly and other times after many layers and of paint. The result often reveals something about myself that I initially might not have intended.

Artist Bio
Aazam's love for art started at an early age and her extensive experience in a broad range of mediums is led by her passion for painting and sculpture. She has been a working artist and art educator for over 20 years. She has received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Art Education from California State University, Northridge. Aazam resides in Southern California, and is a member of Fusionart International, Angeles Crest Art Guild, California Art League, and SOPA.