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Father, Desert Shield/Storm Veteran, Author of(Aren't You A Millennium Man..Yet?) pseudo blogger..It's more like a live journal for me..I jot things down. most times it's primarily about men..A few times it's just what's on ye ole "toaster strudel" at the time.. Worked as a Corrections Officer (6yrs)after being in the Military for a while(6yrs) and decided I was ready to come out of uniform..After attending college I wanted to do something totally different but inline with my thoughts on men and fashion..So I write..I write about men..Nothing too serious but all the same It needs to be said. The "NOT'List is an Uncracked mirror pointing directly at today's men..period! I've done a few things and lived in a few places. proud of it all..check me out even if it's a brief chuckle. I promise you will smile at some point.

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