Kim Hyun Ah

Seoul , South Korea

Annyeong, hyunahfm was here!

I'm just one of million roleplayers in the world;) if you want to read more about me. please think again, because my blog was very strange and can make you confused to read it.

Then, already think twice? if you done, so what's the problem? hope you enjoy what i wrote here!;)


@hyunahfm is OOC girl, do not follow if you getting problem with that.

I want to show you, where i was join. cekidot! :





ABFams (Verified from @ABPearl_RP agency)




KFCRoleplayers (since: 060413)

And Many More c:

Family? Ofc i have :

【yomyunqsoo;bangsehun;icelyprincess;svzybae;fakehyom;valskryst;pearlkryst;thwangGG;SJieunSecret;TeddyJiyeon;BangHZT;BABO_MinMsA;SW_SehunEXO;GGCIMIDH;GDMINAW;VictFx87;IBGDRGN_Fake;etc】i have many family, omo i love all of them! Sorry for people i didn't mention:<

Ma Beloved Friends :

「POMINITJIHYEON_;shortaeng;jessceu;yunawh;inipeceer;lunawfx;ggsicaw;naeuwnssi;kuyunnie;vampireyoongie;pearljiyeon;ahreumoxy;leejieun93」Everyone nice to me is my friends, i love all of you gals. ♥


So, you still want to know more about me? Just follow me!


『NB: Be weird, be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide彡』

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    • Cube Entertainment
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    • Konjuk Major University