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Abab Zakaria

Hi, my name is Zakaria but my friends call me Zak. I'm studying in high school Olympes de Gouges. I'm very open minded. I'm French but I'm of Tunisian and Alergian origins. I was born in Les Lilas but I live in Noisy-Le-Sec, I have lived there for 8 years. I live there with my familly, My father's name is Houcine and my mother's name is Nora. In my opinion my parents are very nice, sometimes I agrue with them because we sometimes disagree. I have one brother, he is 17, his name is Hakim. And I have one sister she is 12, her name is Myriam. According to my zodiac sign I'm supposed to be patient and optimistic bu I'm not. I don't believe in horoscopes I think they are a bungh of lies. I'm crazy about football, spend most of my time playing football. I'm keen on music, my favourite singer is "Hayce Lemsi". When I'm a grown up I would like to be an engineer