A-Class B.K

Alhamdulilah, I’m just a regular young Muslim woman. Trying my hardest to fulfil my obligations, the trouble is I sometimes don’t try hard enough. Every day is a struggle between right and wrong, and I pray that Allah helps me, my family and my ummah fulfill the islamic obligations that will lead us to Jannah… Dawah is obligatory upon every muslim however my social circles are pretty small and inclusive, so I decided to creat a blog so I could reach as many people as possible… Not only do I want to share with the world but I also want to learn from it, the Blogosphere is full of amazing people, and I wanted to join them. Anything negative you see on this blog is from my own shortcomings, and anything positive you see, is from Allah alone. May Allah make this Blog a source of Barakah for me and who ever reads it, and may he protect us from the bad of it… Ameen.

‘Muhajabah’ is the word for a women who dresses modestly according to islamic rule, i.e hijab/niqab and abaya/jilbab and who acts modestly according to islamic rule… my real name is Ameena, and I have many nicknames and A-Class is my favourite and I put it on everything, its just means to try to do your best hence A-CLASS MUHAJABAH. This blog is made with the intention of helping myself and as many muslim women as I can reach to be the best muslimahs we can be, it’s a journey, a troubled and long journey and we all need as much assistance as we can get if we want to navigate safely to the best destination. There is a global community of women in the world who are joined by common belief in the Divine Quran and the All Mighty Allah, and we have a duty to help one another as much as possible and this blog is where I begin on fulfilling that duty to my sisters around the world.

May Allah guide me and who ever sees these words to being the best muslimah we can be, Ameen!