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Anna Garcia

Jacksonville, Florida

My family and friends mean the world to me. Love to spend time with my Grandchildren. Love my family. Love to also spend guiet time alone. Now that I have RSD/CRPS I am dealing with a monster every day. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. I might be in a wheel chair one day. So I have to live every day the best I can and thank God for every day I'm alive. I just wish it didn't happen to me, although that's the way life is. God knows I can handle it, been doing it for 6 years now. We just need to except what ever happens, and be very thankful for what we have. It has made me a different person, realizing what is important and what is not. Thank You Lord for loving me. Amen

  • Work
    • Disabled with RSD/CRPS
  • Education
    • Jackson Memorial High School
    • Orange Park Beauty Academy