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Ahmed Salem Bahnasy

Engineering Student @ German University In Cairo, Mechatronics Field. Creative Professional Graphics & Web Designer, Illustrator, Flash Animator, Photographer and an Engineer by Study. Can deal with 2D and 3D Designs.

Favourite Macro Photography and also a variety kinds of Shooting Styles like Landscape, Seascape, Light Painting Photography. and Black & White Portraits. Use Nikon Products for my Photography stuffs.

Interested in Complicated Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, aerodynamics and Aerospace engineering. Avid Coffee Drinker and Sleep Deprived Person. Have a Loyality for Apple Inc. and Respect its products even I Don't Have a Mac and Still Windows Operating System User.

I Love reading and Performing Extremely Dangerous Adventures.

That's an aspect of my life, you must see the rest of them.