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Adrian Bailon

Digital Project Manager in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm a Digital Project Manager and Producer, with years of experience working on fully integrated advertising campaigns. I've worked with brands and organizations such as Ferrero Rocher, the United Nations, Campbell's, and David Suzuki Foundation, on everything from websites, social media, digital strategy, and print.

As a digital project manager, I work closely with clients, accounts, strategy, creative and tech teams to ensure clarity and alignment to get the job done right. I'm the in-between that makes sure a client's business goals are being met while the production team is delivering a product that's fun and exciting, but realistic within time and budget constraints.

I pride myself in being able to calmly lead project teams through (occasional) tough situations, and empowering the subject matter experts on my team to do their job to the best of their ability. While I am confident in being able to 'speak' the same language as the members of my creative and tech teams, I understand my role is to support them to get the job done.

On the client side, I am able to play the dual role of being sympathetic to their business needs, while at the same time knowing I have to sometimes have very hard budget or delivery conversations with them. Through it all, I always strive to make sure that the project direction is what is best for both client and production teams.

If I sound like a good fit for what you're looking for, let's connect and see how we can work together!