Abake Assongba

Few advocates have done more to advance the condition of impoverished children and women around the world than Abake Assongba. With her vast experience in the financial industry and time spent extensively traveling the world, she has the business sense, cultural knowledge, and practical skills to make her humanitarian organization, Abake's Foundation, succeed in its goal to reduce poverty in Africa.

The foundation has initiated micro-loans to women, granted scholarships for furthering education, and aided local farmers. Since its initial work, the organization is now focused on domestic opportunities within the United States to meet the needs of many suffering there.

Abake Assongba's name is particularly appropriate considering her mission. Abake means "child to be cherished" in a local West African language. Untold numbers of these children live lives ravaged by war, poverty, and disease. Many are homeless with no relatives to watch over or help them.

Many organizations seek to help these children, but few are as innovative or effective as Abake's Foundation. Where past foundations sought to deliver direct aid in the form of food or shelter, Abake Assongba has worked for lasting change through expanding sustainable economic and social opportunities for residents in these impoverished countries; this the kind of lasting aid that improves locations over the course of generations instead of temporarily.

In addition to the financial aid, Abake's Foundation focuses on changing the hearts and minds of children caught in these terrible situations. It tries to instill love and positive feelings in children who otherwise harbor hard feelings their whole lives. The harm from such feelings can often be as disastrous as the economic conditions that caused them in the first place. Mrs. Assongba knows that improving the mindset of people living in these areas is as crucial as fixing the areas themselves.

In conclusion, Mrs. Assongba's dedication to the cause of helping children around the world is unshakeable; her accomplishments toward this goal are already very impressive. People like Assongba are the ones pushing the world forward, ensuring the benefits of progress are felt all over the world and not just by the fortunate few in developed countries.