Abdul Bakheit

I define myself as a peacemaker. i don't loook for trouble and i don't waant trouble for others. tranqility is peace of mind. peace of mind is happieness

I define myself as a troublemaker, i am cancerouse to anything that is happy. beacouse i have not happieness in myself, i need to make others unhappy. misery loves company, I am the bully.

i build, i have the detrmination and discipline and the know-how to strive and the motivation to keep stiving for a long time

i destroy, i am a hole, that consumes everything in the vacinity. i consume and consume until there is nothing left

i accept, i accept the fact that i am only one person, i accept the fact that i have have obsticles to overcome and i am blessed enough to have people that care. i accept that i must get an education to be of some relevence in this world

i deny. i deny the fact that i am smart, i deny the fact that i have a mission to accomplish. i let my insecurity and jelousy get in the way. i deny the fact of education, im to cool for school. i see the light, but only through a telescope deep down in the abyss of ignorance