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Allen Davis Barnes

I have been active in attempting to secure health care for all Americans.

Many people are wondering, "Why health care reform? Is it necessary? What are the reasons for reform?": The United States ranks 38th out of 191 by the World Health Organization for life expectancy. Fifteen percent of U.S. citizens have no health insurance.

The usual suspects have been attacking Obama for “demonizing” insurance companies; but saying that people do terrible things isn’t demonization if they do, in fact, do terrible things.

And health insurers do, because they have huge financial incentives to act in an inhumane way — most obviously, by revoking coverage when people get sick, with insurers using whatever rationale they can devise.

Read this report by Murray Waas on Assurant Health (previously called Fortis), which used a computer algorithm to identify every client with HIV, then systematically revoked coverage on the flimsiest of grounds — and appears to have systematically hidden any paper trail demonstrating their illegal cancelation of health care covrage.